Business Continuity Protection

and Disaster Recovery

Strategic data backup strategies and solutions. Plus, just as important as having protection, when things do turn upside down, Flexxus can help you quickly recover so you can get back to regular operations.

Are you prepared for the day when your system falls prey to the dangers that can irretrievably harm your business and all its data?

A strategic backup and disaster recovery plan can ensure your business’s survival no matter what challenges come your way. Theft, fire, and a variety of other issues can unexpectedly put your systems out of commission. Protect yourself with a comprehensive data backup strategy.

Flexxus protects your business with reliable data backup, computer hard drive backup, and complete hardware and system recovery in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, and surrounding areas, putting you and your company at ease.

End fears about impending disasters
No more worries. We take care of all your backup needs.

Be confident that your data is safe
Know your data and systems are continually backed up, with constant automated backup, you benefit from knowing your data and systems stay up to date without having to rely on your busy staff to take necessary steps.

Protect customer data
Ensure that your critical customer data is safe and secure. Eliminate risk from potential liabilities due to lost customer data.

Rapid recovery
Should a disaster strike your business, you’ll be prepared to get back into action quickly, because your data can be rapidly restored. 
Protect everything. Comprehensive backup protection of your data and email, with the ability to fully and rapidly recover should something happen gives you the ultimate in peace of mind.

With our strategic approach to business continuity planning and full backup and recovery services, you can finally stop worrying about what could happen.

Leading-edge backup solutions from Flexxus Business Solutions provide the protection your business needs in case of an emergency. Serving Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and other communities throughout British Columbia, our data backup and computer hard drive backup solutions are the answer to your security worries.

If your business requirements include disaster recovery and business continuity plan, online backup, hard drive and data backup, computer backup, offsite data backup and recovery services, hard drive and computer recovery, data recovery, remote data backup, or virtual data recovery, we’re there when you need us.

Never let a crippling disaster strike and impede the growth of your business. Insist on a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that ensures a bright future with your company.