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Standards in reporting are crucial not just for saving time, but for extracting the insight and acting upon it as well. This helps support management, which is crucial for running a successful business. Standards in reporting are why flexxus has chosen to partner with Hi-Chart.

This partnership allows Canadian companies to improve and enhance their reporting capabilities in connection with a wide range of business tools, from Excel to Power BI to SAP/IBM, using data from over 150+ sources.

Successful Reporting with Hi-Chart®

With hi-chart®, creating sophisticated management reports, presentations and interactive dashboards is as simple as a few clicks.

From within Excel or any modern web browser, users can apply a range of pre-built FP&A and other business reporting templates, driven by the data sources of their choice. This may include data from a range of third-party systems, such as flexxus’ ERP solutions. By using hi-chart®, companies can easily provide consistency in their reporting, giving report consumers greater business insights for decision-making.

Flexxus partners with Hi-Chart to make visual reporting easy

Standardized reporting made easy

Studies have shown that with modern notation standards, reports are understood much more quickly, and misunderstandings are significantly reduced.

With hi-chart, you can easily implement modern notation standards throughout your company. The solution’s user-friendliness increases acceptance among report authors with a business administration focus, while managers are instantly won over by the clarity of the reports and the ease by which they can be read.

Hi-Chart provides market-leading reporting and analytics solutions to add clarity to business communication and improves the quality of decision-making across the organization.

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, hi-chart® is platform-agnostic and seamlessly integrates into existing IT infrastructures, including connectors to more than 150 third-party systems such as IBM Cognos TM1. Hi-Chart’s solution also integrates with a range of frontend tools including Power BI, Qlik, SAP Lumira, SAP Analytics Cloud, other BI platforms, and of course Microsoft Excel.

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