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Gift Your Not-for-Profit With New Potential

Intelligently manage all aspects of your finances

Managing a non-profit is a lot more complicated than following and executing a mission statement. Customized financial software delivers the tools you need to intelligently manage your financials to maintain compliance with CRA reporting requirements, and to better manage your funds.

Maintain control of your programs
Sub-accounts can be used to separate programs that have funds ear marked for a specific purpose. With sub-accounts you can categorize expenses so they track to a specific program. Vendor expenses can be allocated to a specific program so real-time reports notify you of program balances.

Real-time financial reports
Customize and create new reports anytime. All reports can be added to menus and selected from dashboards so they are easy to find. Reports are delivered in real-time and include only data that users are authorized to see. Your account structure allows you to create an ideal customized report that automatically produces budgets and expenses for all funds — even new funds that you create.

Features built for non-profits
Your Financial Management Suite contains all the key features you need in one integrated package. We’ll install it, customize it to your exact needs, train your teams in how to make the most of it, and provide follow-up support to keep you growing.