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Solutions for the

Finance Lead

As the lead in charge of overseeing the financial health of your organization, you need a financial management system that gives you access to accurate, up-to-date information on all aspects of your company. We can make that happen.

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Gain instant access in real-time to every aspect of the financial health of your organization.

Flexxus equips you with flexible and powerful cloud-based systems that run on any device and are accessible from anywhere at any time. Customized reports let you analyze and share key metrics with others.

If your business does e-commerce, your software seamlessly connects with multiple eCommerce platforms so you enjoy an integrated ERP and reduce errors typically caused by disjointed systems and manual data entry. Hosted cloud options let you ensure that your data remains in Canada for optimal security and privacy.

Your system looks and performs like desktop software, but is actually a web-based solution that doesn’t require any client software. This means it is affordable to maintain and centrally managed. It’s 100% mobile, offering the same functionality across desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

Highly Adaptable
Easily accommodate change as your business needs grow and develop. You benefit from full visibility of your financial picture through one unified solution, with the ability to tailor your solution to meet your precise needs.

Unlimited Users
From remote workers to your board of directors, you can add unlimited users and give each one role-based accessibility to just the data they need. This ensures all of your departments are on the same page and have access to real-time information, so that you can make sound business decisions.

We install your system, customize it to your exact needs, train your teams in how to make the most of it, and provide follow-up support to keep you growing.