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Take Your Retail Services to a Whole New Level

Control every aspect of your retail operations

Enjoy software that gives you a centralized view of your business so you get real-time status of orders, inventory, and profitability by location and product. We’ll install a customized system that’s economical for multi-location retailers, franchise operators, as well as regional and national chain stores.

The right software makes setting different pricing, based on customer type, easy and highly accurate. Got customers who get quantity discounts? Or who get discounts based on the total order value? No problem!

Control operating costs
Streamline your entire business process — from ordering to inventory, invoicing, and accounting. Your system is web-based so it’s easy to link your franchises, warehouses, offices, and retail locations without the hassle of VPNs, private networks, and customized telecommunications solutions.

Integrate Point of Sale (POS) and Ecommerce orders
Powerful integration services and API make it easy to integrate all your sales environments to gain a centralized view of your business. By delivering a complete view of your business across online sales, telesales, and retail sales operations, your integrated software lets you optimize inventory, ordering, and profitability. Integrate ecommerce, credit card readers, scanners, touch screens, and all-in-one POS stations.

Optimize inventory, ordering, and sales
Unlimited user pricing allows you to involve employees, partners, and customers so you can automate ALL business processes — even processes that span multiple locations and external partners. This allows you to make informed decisions about ordering, pricing, promotions, inventory overhead, and your bottom line.

Features built for retailers
Many features are included especially designed for retailers, franchise operators, and restaurants. Everything you need is included in one integrated package. We’ll install it, customize it to your exact needs, train your teams in how to make the most of it, and provide follow-up support to keep you growing.